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[01/07/2018, 03:17:00] Esther Bala: How about use lalud for power? I am not sure the word for authority. But the older generation always say kuasa lalud Tuhan. “Merey kuasa mey lalud mudi ngen kamih.” Kapeh word bisa’? ‎[01/07/2018, 12:09:00] Dr. Son Radu: ‎<attached: 00008887-PHOTO-2018-07-01-12-09-00.jpg> [01/07/2018, 12:54:30] Dennis Meddan Long: Mantap DrSonAranTuan. Lam igu sinih keduih kerab nier translation of 1 & 2 Peter. Atlast got access to my computer. [01/07/2018, 13:02:34] Dr. Son Radu: PTL [01/07/2018, 13:17:42] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: Yes, we have to differentiate between the two. [01/07/2018, 13:22:19] Dr. Son Radu: So far...lalud is used for authority in our translated text... [01/07/2018, 14:41:19] Doris Nawan: Hmmm ... I thought lalud has elements of miraculous? Kuasa can hv 2 dimensions, one without miraculous (a synonym with lalud) and another - bestowed/delegated/given authority with no miraculous elements . [01/07/2018, 14:57:07] ‪+60 19‑226 1862‬: Kuasa....authority Lalud..miracle/miraculous Kail...strong [01/07/2018, 16:37:10] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: 👌👍 [01/07/2018, 16:45:14] Winnie Bulan: Lalud = powerful [01/07/2018, 16:51:52] Muring Apu: Tu’eh...strong? [01/07/2018, 17:00:50] Esther Bala: I like this too [01/07/2018, 17:02:29] Muring Apu: Doo’ tu’eh neh Doo kail neh How’s that? [01/07/2018, 17:24:43] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: Just like: he’s strong, he’s powerful. Same meaning [01/07/2018, 17:35:20] Muring Apu: Tq & blessings. 😄 [02/07/2018, 02:14:54] Sinabu Lucy Bulan: Because of our lack of Kelabit vocab it is possible to use lalud for both authority and miracle. [02/07/2018, 02:24:47] Tingang Trang: This herb concoction/medication is powerful/strong /effective Galih tabat sinih? [02/07/2018, 03:18:48] Sinabu Lucy Bulan: 👍👍 Good one. [02/07/2018, 03:22:49] Tingang Trang: Bisa’ karuh Tuhan. Bisa’ sebayang/putuh iyeh neh. [02/07/2018, 04:47:32] ‪+60 19‑486 3880‬: Peru'an berumidang ngen tauh. Edteh men karuh suk .. tanu' ... ken na'em tidih mukjizat/miracle ‎[02/07/2018, 05:19:02] Esther Bala: ‎<attached: 00008906-PHOTO-2018-07-02-05-19-02.jpg> ‎[02/07/2018, 05:19:02] Esther Bala: ‎<attached: 00008907-PHOTO-2018-07-02-05-19-02.jpg> [02/07/2018, 11:35:32] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: To enrich our lingo, we can use two different words: bisa’ is good (a modern word commonly used). [02/07/2018, 11:37:50] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: Tanu’ used by old folks for curse. The curse of God: tanu’ Tuhan - Kelabit Merriit leh. [02/07/2018, 11:40:17] Mutang Paturan: Not needsarily curse..tanu' is tanda/signs of things that happens/will happen. [02/07/2018, 11:40:31] Mutang Paturan: *necessarily* [02/07/2018, 11:45:48] ‪+60 17‑850 5551‬: Yes, agree! Common use of the vocabulary is sign (good or bad) [02/07/2018, 11:45:57] Tingang Trang: Tanu’ means a sign from God in different forms, usually an expression of righteous anger? It has have a positive connotation, depending on contexts? [02/07/2018, 11:47:00] Mutang Paturan: 👍🏻👏🏻 [02/07/2018, 11:47:12] Mutang Paturan: 👍🏻👏🏻 [02/07/2018, 12:50:10] Dato Robert Lian: Kapam Kinanids, Tanu’ adteh karuh/buriq nuk pelaba mebpat pedengeren narih keh. Kuh kuan kinanid EJU neh, kineh teh ilung dih lem karuh tauh lun pedayeh ngilad. Adteh etu Tuhan laq madaq tauh(ukum keh). Seh subang linuh🙏🙏👍👍😂😂👏👏🙏🙏 [02/07/2018, 13:21:35] Winnie Bulan: Tada' ....teh ken karuh anak kadi' nuk mudtih kinih terun [02/07/2018, 13:22:22] Winnie Bulan: The word made simole? [02/07/2018, 13:22:37] Winnie Bulan: Simole=simple [02/07/2018, 16:25:45] Lolly Raja @S'RajaDita: Signs and wonder = tanu’ mey lalud? [02/07/2018, 16:31:39] Roland Terawe: tanu' mey nuk inan mawa. [02/07/2018, 16:56:54] Muring Apu: Etu nuk inan mawa [02/07/2018, 17:07:52] Roland Terawe: tanu' mey nuk midih inan mawa. [02/07/2018, 17:09:12] Roland Terawe: tanu' mey nuk midih baliew inan mawa. [03/07/2018, 03:35:10] Gerawat Nulun: lf we say we want to preserve the Kelabit language for our younger generations (anak kadi'), why do we have to quote "ken karuh anak kadi' (adi') nuk mudtih kinih"? Please be more confident in your input/out. l do not mean to be rude; but do forgive me if the way l express my stand on our task of preserving our Kelabit language. [03/07/2018, 03:35:18] Gerawat Nulun: Gd mng all. My take on TANO' (l never heard it pronounced as TANU) is that it os a sign from God; and may even be a miracle! l present this position because it is a word we Kelabits came to know after the advent of Christianity into our community. Kelabots started using it as a new addition to our vocabulary, in the same way we adopted words like BUKUH, PEN, SKULEH, etc. lt is highly likely that it is originally a Lun Bawang word. [03/07/2018, 03:35:59] Gerawat Nulun: if the way l express my stand on our task of preserving our Kelabit language sounds crude. [03/07/2018, 03:38:32] Mutang Paturan: Sukung...get as close as possible to the Kelabit words/vocab unless we hust can't find any. We have already agreed on that before. [03/07/2018, 03:40:57] Mutang Paturan: I think it's tanu' as used heard by Pa Mada accent bro.