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Sidteh vs Sidtan [whatsapp chat KELABIT BIBLE TRANSLATION]

[18/08/2018, 21:58:52] Lolly Raja @S'RajaDita: Kapeh dueh inih: sidteh / sidtan?
[19/08/2018, 00:44:53] Lolly Raja @S'RajaDita: I mean what’s the difference?
[19/08/2018, 01:23:41] Sinamu Dora Bulan: Sidteh - left behind
Sidtan - to prop against smthg / lean
That is if we go by earlier explanation of the word Nedteh & Nedtan.
[19/08/2018, 05:25:08] Poline Bala: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
[19/08/2018, 08:56:23] β€ͺ+60Β 17‑850Β 5551‬: Could be:
Sidteh = left behind to keep
Sidtan = left behind
Or same meaning spoken by different groups
[19/08/2018, 10:01:13] Lolly Raja @S'RajaDita: This explanation does not work for why we say ketedtan, and not ketedteh like when someone ketedtan bilun.
So the explanation that it is a regional variation makes more sense to me.
[19/08/2018, 10:28:56] Sinamu Dora Bulan: Tu'uh tineh mato', will clarify with the elders at next CCC. πŸ™‚
[19/08/2018, 01:33:59] Sinamu Dora Bulan: Sidtan - past tense of Nadtan?
Na'it detaluh nuk sifu matur beruh. 😊
[19/08/2018, 01:37:44] Yahya Talla: They are the same. Sidtan is Pa Kelapang words and Sidtah, original Pa Main/ Bario word.
[19/08/2018, 01:51:59] β€ͺ+60Β 19‑226Β 1862‬: Bario say
Sidteh -left behind
Sidtan - assignment / πŸ˜€appointment
(Sidtan deh lun ngimet bawang, in the case of kk)
[19/08/2018, 02:05:14] Roland Terawe: seh neh dtan
seh neh dteh
Saya rasa ini Kelabit pasar punya.
[19/08/2018, 05:08:45] Winnie Bulan: What is the root word for:-
1. sidteh?
2. Sidtan?
[19/08/2018, 05:10:18] Winnie Bulan: Is sidtan from edtan?
Is sidteh from nedteh?
[19/08/2018, 05:10:56] Winnie Bulan: OR
Sidtan from nedtan?
[19/08/2018, 08:46:26] β€ͺ+60Β 17‑850Β 5551‬: Muned ineh!
[19/08/2018, 10:42:29] Gia Bohler: ..sidtdha, sidtdhan -same word in different grammatical forms, meaning left(leave, left, left -not left right left?)

Did, done(contrast example).

sidtdha, sidtdhan, along that grammatical line?
Sidtdha kamih dah laba man kaya' dah nalan!
Sidtdhan dah ngipah tabi' lun teluh lemuh nih naa'ah?
I leave the grammatical fitting per the english grammatical grooves to you guys to wrangle with..? πŸ˜‚
[19/08/2018, 10:53:21] Gia Bohler: Same thing, nah ketedhan ngipah tabe' lun teluh lemuh nih naa'ah?
Oo, nah ketedhan ngi tukad irang liang batuh lawih?
[19/08/2018, 10:57:37] Gia Bohler: Ngudah nah meteluh daa'at tuu'uh naa'am suud ngan babah deteluh, nedtdha deteluh kinah2?
Naa'am doo' narih nedtdha lun lemuh kinah2 men kan lun merar tauh malim?
[19/08/2018, 11:00:34] Gia Bohler: ..nedtdhah
[19/08/2018, 11:46:03] Mutang Paturan: Majority in a sense that we are getting feedback n what others know (not what they feel, think) and certainly not guessing. Paad ineh betoq kanid.Kadiq inan itun n mutuh linuh tauh lem tudaq2 pak karuh teh narih mala si'it. Mayaq ineh nangey. PEACE.
[19/08/2018, 12:48:38] Gerawat Nulun: My understanding is SIDTEH & SIDTAN are two different versions of the same message. As for "to prop against snthg/lean", it should be : PINDEDTAN =LEANED AGAINST STH.
[19/08/2018, 12:55:23] Gerawat Nulun: Root/basic word is TEDTEH (Noun). Verb=nedteh; Adjective=tedteh; Past Tense=sudteh & sidtan


[19/08/2018, 13:01:16] Gerawat Nulun: LUNUWAN & LENUWAN are two different words with different meanings: Lunuwan=parent(s); Lenuwan (Lenuwen)=for further consideration or food for thought.
[19/08/2018, 13:02:40] Yahya Talla: Kelabit vocabulary is quiet limited and hence we have many HOMOGRAPHS. They are words that are spelled & sounds the same but have different meanings. This is as in the case of our word / term β€œ Lunuan” which has 3 different meanings:
1. *Ownership & Parents*
2. *Parents/ Ancestor:*
3. *Feelings*: Scary, eerie, spooky feelings ( as in *daat lenuan narih laba tanam sinah*). Food: unpleasant, distasteful, undesirable ( as in *daat lenuan* kuke )
[19/08/2018, 13:07:52] Mutang Paturan: Da'at (da'et) LENUEN.
[19/08/2018, 13:08:37] Yahya Talla: 1. β€œOwnership & Parents” ❌ but β€œ *1. Ownership* β€βœ”
[19/08/2018, 13:10:28] Yahya Talla: Muyuh sinah uih nuk pronounce it as _dait linuin_🀣🀣🀣
[19/08/2018, 13:12:46] Dato Robert Lian: πŸ‘KapamπŸ‘ mulaq metoq nuq binala meteluh lem ayuq ilung karuh tauh keleh. Ken adeh metoq nuk sidteh meteluh tu’en lun PaKubaan kedideh na’ur. Inan ayuq teh karuh nuq pedidti temidteh dih.
Dadan ketuey meteluh ngen epaq karuh sinih, dooq meneh meteluh na’am laq ketedtan ngen tari meteluh salin buku ago meteluh neh.


[19/08/2018, 13:13:28] Mutang Paturan: Pak Tik/Kubaan literally pronounc DA'AT as da'at ( 2nd syllable sounds like 'Art'.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜
[19/08/2018, 13:18:24] Yahya Talla: From these exchanges we should now except that homographs/ homonyms are inevitable and should be acknowledged/ accepted in our translation process. It avoids lengthy arguments on the meanings and spellings. To me is was a learning experience and value adding.
[19/08/2018, 18:22:56] Dato Robert Lian: πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
[20/08/2018, 00:48:52] Tingang Trang: Good morning. Some thought triggers:
First person, direct statement, imperative, instruction - Nedteh tupu ieh.
Nedteh luun barat daan neh lapung pisit neh.
First person, to express intention as in
Tu’en kuh nedteh ngih luun barat daan neh lapung pisit nih.
Tedtan kuh luun barat daan lapung pisit nih na’en.
Tedtan kuh ngen suk langu’ kudih lun dueh adi kema’ kediweh mey ngih la’ud.
Expressing disapproval
Tedtan muh kenun nieh neh kemuh. Ken keli’ kedieh dalan dih?
First person speaking referring to a past action, neutral tone
Pulu’ kamih anak la’el sidtan Sina’ me merin da’un redtak...
First person, statement meaning left behind or over taken
Sidteh kuh ngih reked Buduk Ubung diweh dih.
[20/08/2018, 00:50:43] Sinabu Lucy Bulan: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
[20/08/2018, 00:56:56] Winnie Bulan: e.g. Lun la'ud kelapang/batu payung pronounce da'at as di'et.....
ken kineh tabeyq dih MutangP
[20/08/2018, 00:57:18] Winnie Bulan: Payung=patung
[20/08/2018, 01:01:15] Sinamu Dora Bulan: πŸ‘πŸ‘ doo li'o sinih. Thank you
[20/08/2018, 01:02:05] Dato Robert Lian: Lun kelapang duluan usually say tesan, nesan, nesah, sisan but today many speak Bario melting pot style as they meet and mix in schoolπŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™
[20/08/2018, 01:07:09] Sinamu Dora Bulan: *Gentle reminder:*
The 7th Workshop & next CCC is on tomorrow, 21/8 @ 8.30am Pejabat Daerah Bario. Those in Bario, hope you can avail yourselves. Please encourage lun ruyung tauh esp lun merar to join us.
Meantime, remember us in your prayers
Papu' edto riak πŸ™
[20/08/2018, 01:13:52] Mutang Paturan: Mo jaq, ideh nuk mala kineh dih...PD, BP & LP😜
[20/08/2018, 01:18:15] Mutang Paturan: Pa Mada n Pa Bengar are two in the middle kind of....
Say the word "EDTEH"
*EDTEH=lun dayeh let Pa Main onwards.
ECEH=Pa Mada & Pa Bengar
Eseh/SEH=Kelapang (PD, BP, R & LP), seh neh non!😝
[20/08/2018, 01:19:07] Mutang Paturan: Flying in today at 12.30pm. Pray for good weather and safe flight. Amen.
[20/08/2018, 03:32:59] β€ͺ+60Β 19‑226Β 1862‬: Have a blessed CCC...tungae Phnom Penh kaduih
[20/08/2018, 04:33:18] β€ͺ+60Β 17‑850Β 5551‬: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ kadi temen narih guru bahasa keh! πŸ‘πŸ‘
[20/08/2018, 04:35:49] Tingang Trang: Ian, guru’ peregae’ nekakap teh tauh.
[20/08/2018, 04:43:22] β€ͺ+60Β 17‑850Β 5551‬: At this critical time we really need help from ppl like you all!
[20/08/2018, 05:28:41] Mutang Paturan: Aik...thought u would be in Bario.
[20/08/2018, 06:53:37] Gerawat Nulun: Welcome home to all who will come to Bario for this CCC. Due to some matters, which just cropped up, l may be able to join you only on the second day. I wish to offer my profound aplolgies to the team.
[20/08/2018, 06:55:42] Dennis Meddan Long: I can't come as involved in the Ministry outside Land of Hornbill.