Buaq telal

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Buaq telal
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Lawa telal
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also talal

Common Names

Bahasa Malaysia

Encyclopedic Information

Scientific Name
Telal manuk bataq - (unnamed) 2
Telal manuk budaq - (unnamed) 2
Telal manuk siaq - litsea noronhae 2
Telal siaq - litsea garciae 2
  1. Telal siaq - Small fruit, only 1-1.5" across, with pink to purple skin that is said to have an excellent delicate, avocado-like flavor. 1
  2. Telal siaq - the fruit is soaked for a short time in hot water and may be eaten as a snack or as a vegetable. 2
  3. Telal manuk siaq - wood is used for music intruments; leaves are used for wrapping rice. 2


  1. Tradewinds Fruit
  2. Ethnobotany of the Iban & the Kelabit by Hanne Christensen

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