Rebaro Senutung

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Recipe by mutang|mutang

cooked without water in bamboo and heated over the fire slowly.
put a banana leaf/daun isip as the base/layer in the lajang (pot) and heat it without water also.

Rebaro is a fish in small rivers. They are very cute, stripped/dotted dark colured and round long scaless fish. They are perfect for exotic aquarium fish (I think). They are seldom seen now though. The streams must be clear and rocky.

They were caught in the bubuh for women who had just given birth. It was believed that they give mothers lots of milk. Sekarang ada susu sapi so it's not too bad. They are also perfect for kids because they have less and soft bones.


  1. Rebaro
  2. Tudtuq
  3. Ipaq
  4. Buluq (peh nutung)
  5. Da'un isip / da'un ba'ung (Lenekuh)

Kapeh Tu'en

  1. Nepaq rebaro me muruq idih.
  2. Napih lajang ngen da'un (for the bamboo you can use daun or just like that).
  3. Nudtuq me ngipaq rebaro and nipa in the lajang or buluq.
  4. Nadang lajang/buluq iring apui.
  5. The more you nadang it, after a few days the better the result. Oh! I can smell it man!
  6. When cooked, serve it to your wife, or you makan sendiri, apa lagi? I'll try to go and get some in December.